Geeks Classes

An extensive classroom programme by GeeksforGeeks to build and enhance Data Structures and Algorithm concepts, mentored by
Mr. Sandeep Jain (Founder & CEO, GeeksforGeeks)


Course Details

  • Duration : 2 months (Weekends)
  • Date of Commencement : June 2, 2018
  • Timings : 3 hrs/day
  • Topics to be covered :
    • Data Structures (Arrays, Linked lists, Stacks, Trees, Graphs etc.)
    • Algorithms (Searching, Sorting, Divide and Conquer, Greedy, etc.)
  • Venue : TAI Infotech Pvt.Ltd, H-159, Sector 63, Noida

Rewards and Benefits

  • Certificate after successful completion of the course.
  • Weekly Assessment Test with proper feedback.
  • Goodies to the Periodic Test Toppers.
  • Internship Opportunities at GeeksforGeeks
  • Periodic Doubt Classes

How to apply?

Interested Geeks need to take Geeks Classes Entrance Test (GCET) which will be held on May 11, 2018. To enroll, register at: Geeks Classes Entrance Test(GCET)

  • Course Fee : ₹ 10,000 (Inclusive of tax).
  • Scholarships would be awarded on the basis of ranks secured in the GCET.
Rank(s) Scholarship
1 100%
2 75%
3 50%
4-10 10%

Note : Selections will entirely be done on the basis of score in GCET.

Course Content :

C++ Basics : Arrays, Functions, Recursion, Structures, Classes and Pointers in C++
Analysis : Time Complexity Analysis, Space Complexity Analysis
Basic Data Structures : Array, Linked List, Stack, Queue, STL Libraries for these data structures
Tree Based Data Structures :Tree, Binary Search Tree, Heap and Priority Queue, STL Libraries for these data structures
Advanced Data Structures: Hashing, Graph, Trie, Segment Tree, STL Libraries for these data structures.
Algorithms: Searching, Sorting, Median and Order Statistics, Modular Arithmetic, Bit manipulations. Randomized Algorithms, Divide and Conquer, Greedy Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Backtracking, Randomized Algorithms, String Algorithms.
Commonly asked interview questions on all of the above topics

For further details, contact us at:

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