Infosys Interview Experience (BIT Mesra)

Infosys came to our campus for Systems Engineer profile.

First Round (1st Day)
General Aptitude

  1. 10 questions in 25 minutes from Quantitative aptitude
  2. 10 questions in 35 minutes from Logical Reasoning
  3. 40 questions in 35 minutes from Verbal Reasoning

92 students cleared the online test out of 366 students. The results were announced later that day in the evening.

Second Round (2nd Day)
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What Makes You Qualified for This Position?
3. Tell me about your projects.
4. Describe any one in details.
5. What is Artificial Intelligence?
6. Write a program to print ‘Hello World’ in Java.
7. What is the use of ‘public’ in ‘main’ method?
8. What is the importance of ‘static’ in ‘main’ method?
9. Which type of error (Runtime or Compile time) occurs, when we do not use ‘public’ in ‘main’ method?
10. What is ‘System’ in ‘System.out.println()’?
11. List out the method in ‘System.out.println()’.
12. What is Class, Object and Package?
13. What are the features of OOP?
14. What is polymorphism?
15. What is the difference between the Exception with capital E and exception with small e?
16. Do you have any question for me?

Hope my interview experience helps you and all the best for your recruitment process. Cheers!! I would be happy to help further if needed.

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