Infosys Interview Experience (HackWithInfy)

Round1:coding round(3 logic based questions)

Round 2:coding round(3 logic based questions)

Round 3:Technical Interview

Tell me about yourself?

Area of interest, I said programming languages so interview completely based on C, C++, Java questions like difference, diamond problem, upcasting downcasting etc.

One management question- how to handle particular situation.

Last and one of the best question -Do you have any question?

I asked, “what would you suggest me to improve myself”.

I felt so happy and one of the first and best interview experience in my life.

I got selected now.interview is held in Septembe 2018 at hinjewadi phase 2.

Round 4: HR Interview

Simple questions like job preference, relocation, domain work etc.

Thank you!

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