Output of C programs | Set 65 (If-Else)

Prerequisite : Decision making in C

Question 1

a)Segmenation fault
b)Compilation error
c)Print 1 Infinite time
d)Both a & c

OUTPUT:  (d)Both a & c

We call the main method again and again by 1 because we use post-increment. At certain time stack frame will full means segmentation fault occurs.

Question 2

a)mannu is Crazy
b)paul is crazy

OUTPUT:  (b)paul is crazy 

Here ,comparision between long int and unsigned long int generally which is not possible.
Now,long int is promoted to unsigned long int whose value will be

Question 3

a)Hello 3
b)Hello 0
c)Geeksforgeeks 0
d)Geeksforgeeks 3

OUTPUT:  (d) Geeksforgeeks 0

Explanation: Atfirst zero will assign in ‘i’ then comma operator returns the last value which is 3 and condition becomes true.

Question 4

a)Hello 3
b)Geeksforgeeks 0
c)Hello 0
d)Geeksforgeeks 3

OUTPUT:  (c) Hello 0

Explanation: Priority of parenthesis bracket is greater than equal to(=) operator , So atfirst comma operator return the last value which is zero(0) and then equal to(=) operator assign 0 to ‘i’ and condition becomes flase.

Question 5

a)Compilation error


a = 0.7 is rounded to 0.699999988
and the constant 0.7 is as 0.69999999999
so a<0.7 is true so it print "c"
but in case of 0.8
a = 0.800000011 and
constant 0.8 is 0.8000000000000000

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